Tuesday, March 2, 2010

What do you keep in your bag?

Emma keeps
  • a notebook
  • bracelets and necklaces in a box she decorated
  • a giraffe named Emily
  • a turtle named Jasmine
  • a torch/flashlight
  • a green pen on loan from Ben
  • a frisbee in the shape of a seal


Saminda said...

All the necessities! ;) xo

grammynurse said...

I can't believe she can still wear that dress.
Saminda said it all!

Helen said...

Something for every occasion - no matter what it might be!!!
Better than what's in my bag - lipbalm, shopping list, empty purse, chewy wrappers and car keys. Boring - I want a giraffe too!!

Having trouble getting some coloured fabric dyes at the moment - everybody has black and navy blue, but who wants to tie dye in those colours?
Will keep looking and let you know when our "homeschooling forum" will be.
Looking forward to it!!

Jordan said...

A frisbee in the shape of a seal? That's cool! I want one!