Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Another recipe

Here's another recipe for ya. Make Ahead Butterhorns from Money Saving Mom. I halved it so I could throw it into my breadmaker on the dough setting. Since I halved it I split it in 2 instead of 4. I think next time I'll split it into 3 since it made 16 HUGE rolls. And they only took 3 hours or so to defrost and rise. of course it was a really warm, humid day here. But, oh, they were so yummy!! We all wanted more than 1 (I divided them into 3 bags and just pulled out one). I said something like "Can you believe I made these? They are so yummy!" To which Josh responded, "I can't. They taste like something from a bakery." To me they taste like the rolls that you can get from Golden Corral. The big soft fluffy ones with butter spread on top. YUM!!! If that isn't enough for you, Emma just asked if I could make them for lunch today. We LOVE them!


grammynurse said...

You sealed the deal when you said they taste like Golden Corral's biscuits. I'll have to try

Kay said...

thanks Tamra, these look delicious!