Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Picture vs. Reality

We've all seen the pictures of the mother in the kitchen with her children. Everyone is happy and helping and loving. Here's what the pictures don't show.
  • The mother started letting the older two help because the baby was happy and the younger child was asleep
  • The now crying baby is not shown in the picture
  • The just woke up from sleeping child is now the third child you see in the picture.
  • There is flour ALL over the floor
  • The oldest child is just learning to use the peeler, slicer, corer. And most of the apples in the pie have peel on them.
  • The second oldest child is using the sharpest biggest knife she could reach to cut the apples in half. So the mother is silently freaking out
  • The no longer sleeping child wants to help roll out the pie crust.
  • The never fail pie crust recipe is totally failing this time.
  • There is fresh apple juice all over the floor and counter thanks to peeling, slicing and coring 2kg of apples.
  • The baby is really screaming now.
  • The mother gives up and turns on the tv so the children leave the kitchen without the mother yelling, "Leave me ALONE!!!"
Now this mother needs to get the kitchen cleaned up before we have visitors over for Josh's birthday. One pie is done, one pie is baking and the requested traditional homemade apple pie is waiting to be baked just before dinner as the birthday boy wants it still warm.

Happy Birthday, Honey!! We love you!!!


Jordan said...

Haha, you're right. Those pictures are of happy, sunny days filled with happy, helpful baking...
If only they were truly that way...

Saminda said...

I bet Josh loved the pie anyway, even with bits of peel on the apple. :) Hope tonight went wonderfully!! xo

grammynurse said...

So m7uch fun!! But they helped you make Daddy's pie. Daddy will love it....if the baby is no longer screaming and the kitchen is clean and Mommy is in a good frame of mind when he gets home.
Happy Birthday, Joshua.

Helen said...

Way to go Tamra - you're a legend for even tackling such a big job and not getting to the screaming point!! I bet the pie was great!!!
Happy Birthday to Josh!