Monday, March 22, 2010


The girls started asking if they could help with the laundry. Help with one of my least favourite chores? Ummm...yes!! You don't have to ask me twice. Of course they can't reach the laundry line so I still have to hang clothes out and bring them in. And I normally do all the folding but they are getting really good at sorting and doing the machines and they've been putting the clean, folded laundry away for a long time now.


Saminda said...

Yay! Nothing like using those kiddos to help with the home chores. :) My children put all their own folded laundry away now too, it's great! Next I'll have to teach them to use the machine. Thanks for the idea. xo

grammynurse said...

Great idea!! If they start young, it won't be such a chore later. It'll just seem natural to be a helper! Love you all

Helen said... this rate, they'll be ready to take over the ironing and then the vaccuuming!!! Woohoo, go Tamra. If we could just get them to decide on, prepare and cook the evening meal, we'd be laughing!!!

Jordan said...

Impressive...I don't even do that...I don't know how....hmmm