Tuesday, August 26, 2008


  • Went to Fraser Island yesterday. It was nice. very bumpy though. Of course that's kind of assumed when you use the words four wheel driving. =) Our first stop was Lake McKenzie. We rolled the girls pants up and let them walk in the water. Emma and Beka got absolutely soaked. Not really all that surprising I guess. Our next stop was Kingfisher Bay. I managed to find a swimsuit coverup/shirtdress for only $5 so Emma could wear something. She had fallen over in the sand as well and her pants were soaking wet and full of sand. Mom and Dad hadn't seen Kingfisher Bay before so that was nice to have a look around. We then went to Central Station. On our way there Josh noticed that on top of all the 4WD tracks were fresh dingo tracks. After about 5 minutes we came around a bend to see the dingo trotting along in front of us. We tried to get a picture but he went left as we passed a sign telling us to "Keep Right". Guess he can't read. =) As we sat eating lunch at Central Station a magpie flew by and snatched a piece of cheese out of Catie's fingers. Totally freaked her out!! We went on the shortest hike there at Central Station. It is right by Wanggoolba Creek. I mentioned to Mom how nasty the water looked. It seemed to be covered with foam or something. Then we realized that actually it is the clearest water you'll ever see and the "foam" was just the sand bottom. I think Mom got some video of that. You wouldn't believe how clear that water is. As we headed back on the barge we saw a dolphin playing in the water. He wasn't a friendly dolphin as he stayed really far away from the boat not giving us a chance to take his picture or see him really well. =) We finished the day with pizza at the Sauvageot's and then home for showers and bed.
  • Today we are going to get photos taken of the girls. One of the girls at church works in a photography studio. She asked if I wanted to bring my girls in for a sitting this week. So after curlers in hair last night we're headed off for photos in a couple hours.
  • Mom and Dad are at the Boat Club with Richard and Fay Hadfield having breakfast right this moment. The Boat Club is situated on the boat harbour/marina (obviously) so they should have quite a spectacular view as the sun rises.
  • After the photos and a quick trip to the library this morning Josh and I are off to Maleny. Our 7th anniversary is next Monday and my birthday is next Thursday. Also Father's Day here in Australia is the first Sunday of September. So we are celebrating all those things plus the fact that we have babysitters living with us at the moment. =) We are going to Lillypilly Country Cottages. We get back Friday sometime.
  • Beka got up at 6:00 this morning and vomited so I'm hoping and praying that she isn't sick and the other girls don't get it.
  • The picture doesn't have anything to do with this post except that now I am talking about it. It's a daisy from my garden. (If you click on the picture and see it full sized you'll see drops of dew on the flower. It really is gorgeous) I planted three daisy plants that have grown about 3 times their size and are producing gorgeous flowers. I also recently planted 8 gerberas and 10 snapdragons. Can you tell that I love to plant things? I can't wait until the garden is ready to plant. I'm excited to grow our own veggies and the girls are excited too.

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