Sunday, August 10, 2008

random and busy

okay, I've been very slack and haven't taken pictures of Mom and Dad with the kids yet. The girls have been bouncing off the walls with excitement and have to show Mom and Dad everything they can think about. As you can see, Catie lost her tooth the first morning Grammy and Papa were here. very exciting. And instead of the normal apple she was biting into a banana.

Today is the baby shower so we spent yesterday and will spend today getting ready for that. I'll share photos of the shower later.

***well, it's now Sunday morning instead of Saturday morning. I tried getting this ready but it was during the scheduled outage so it didn't work. And then we were busy all day long. I didn't take pictures of the shower because one of my friends did so I'll get pics from her.

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Tanya said...

can't wait for pictures of the shower. How did the cake turn out?