Saturday, August 16, 2008

Saturday morning

Well, I woke up with the girls at 6:40 this morning, realized that Diego and then Dora were on tv, put the tv on and went back to bed. A little while later I heard Dora go off and then after what seemed a few more minutes decided it must be after 8 so I should get up and rescue Mom and Dad. Well, it was actually after 9:00. So I got to sleep in today. =) Mom was cutting out a dress for Catie when I got up and Catie wanted to help Grammy. Emma was in the front room singing to Papa. After she realized I had the camera she sang to the camera rather than Papa but it was so cute to see her with him. I keep trying to upload the video but Blogger won't let me today. I'll try again some other time.

Mom measured the girls for dressmaking so we decided to update the growing wall. Seems we hadn't measured them since October last year. Catie has grown just over 2 inches. Emma grew 3 inches and Beka grew 1.5 inches.

We went bowling with the youth group last night. Beka won the high score on our lane with 126. Papa had 124. But the computer did give Beka a strike when she didn't get one. The computer was totally messing stuff up. And we kept getting no pins being reset. and the lane was slanted. But we all got over 100. I think I lost though. Sad. =) Grammy got photos so we'll have to get her to blog them.

Well, Mom has moved on to sewing the dress so I need to cut out some more. And also finish the bulletin for tomorrow. Have a great weekend!!

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