Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year

What is about these holidays that I just want to clean and paint and de-clutter? And it seems this phenomenon is the same all over the blogosphere. Everyone is cleaning and de-cluttering. I'm the only one silly enough to repaint my house. =)

Anyway, so far I have totally cleaned the master bedroom and all but the shower of the master bath/ensuite. The girls' rooms have been cleared out, cleaned, de-cluttered, one of them repainted and changed around. Josh and Jason painted the hall yesterday. I'm considering leaving it pictureless for awhile. We'll see. I think today we are going to do the main room. Either that or the girls' bathroom. Josh said to leave the toilet and the laundry room for now as they are simple enough to do as a weekend project sometime. I'm really liking the new colour. Although come to find out, after all that trying of paint samples, it is VERY similar to the colour in the girls' bedrooms. HA!!

Josh has taken the girls to the school while he does a job or two and Nathan is taking a nap so I really should use this time to prepare for painting. hmmm...bathroom? main room? bathroom? main room?


grammynurse said...

I wish I had your enery. Take some pictures --- and send them. Someday I'll figure out how to do pictures on blog and facebook. For now I just have to email!

Helen said...

Hey Tamra - thanks for the info on next week. Someone else mentioned it as well and I really like the sound of it - do we have to stay with the kids or do we just leave them? I'm hoping to get some time for myself out of it (oops as well as it being really great experience for the kids)Ellie will love to see the girls again. Maybe you and I could even get together for coffee (and I can snuggle with your beautiful boy - Nathan not Josh!). So anyway, yes, I'd love to be in on it - can you let me know more details?
Ph 4124 6031. Thanks again Tamra!!!

Amy said...

I just told my husband today that I think my favorite month is January! I get the de-clutter bug every year, and I just love the idea of a new year, new goals, etc.
I agree with your mom, your energy is impressive!