Sunday, January 31, 2010

Last day of January? Already?

well, I thought that my camera was working with the computer but...its' not. So, no pics from Catie's birthday. Not that I remember to take many anyway. I really need sleep so I can quit walking around in a daze. =) We did have fun for her birthday. Her family dinner was Tuesday night. She requested mostaccioli. And she wanted a cake with a hard chocolate shell around it that you break. And then the cake is covered in lollies and prizes. Well, we made the cake, she frosted it and I made the hard chocolate shell. She wanted to see it so I got it out of the freezer. It started falling out of the bowl so we put it on her cake. Yeah, it was about 10 minutes later that we remember that we didn't put the lollies and prizes on it. Oh well. On Wednesday we had cake and ice cream for breakfast. (she requested waffles but we didn't have enough eggs) We made cupcakes to take to the waterpark later. Then in the afternoon we went to the local waterpark. We hadn't been before as it opened the first week of school holidays and we didn't want to bother with all the people. As it happened Catie's birthday was on the first day of school so the park was nearly empty. Gotta love homeschooling. 3 homeschooling families came with us. The Sauvageot's joined us after school was out. The girls played for 3 hours and would've stayed until it closed. We finished Catie's birthday by letting her choose what fast food to have for dinner. It was definitely not a healthy food day but it was fun.

Hard to believe that tomorrow is February already. I've been telling myself that when February comes I'm going to cut out sugary stuff. And now it's here. So for the next 4 weeks I will not be drinking cokes or eating sugary snacks. well, I should say that I will TRY to not eat or drink those things. I chose February because January was VBS and Catie's birthday, March is Josh's birthday, April is Emma's birthday, etc. I kinda forgot that Jennie and Andrew have birthdays in February. =( Oh well, it needs to be done.

I fed Nathan some rice cereal and a tiny bit of pear and banana this afternoon. He acted like he liked it and it doesn't seem to have affected his tummy like last week. He's actually asleep right now. Hopefully he doesn't sleep really long this evening and then be up at night anyway. But last week he was up late because I fed him and I didn't want that to happen again. He's getting so big. He is almost sitting up and I think he is getting teeth too. Since VBS he has been very clingy though and very much a mama's boy. Might be the age too??

We started school two weeks ago. Last week we only had 3 days due to Australia Day and Catie's birthday. So back to normal tomorrow. Well, after the guy comes to measure and quote for insulation. =)

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