Tuesday, January 19, 2010


picture of Nathan in his Christmas outfit from Tasha.
He's changed just in the three weeks or whatever since I took this.

I'm feeling a little behind so will do my random dot points in a desperate attempt to catch up.
  • VBS was last week. We had over 75 all week and got to 100 on Friday.
  • Apparently another church was running their own VBS last week as well. So I'm thinking our numbers were really good.
  • I'm glad more churches are starting to do something like this.
  • I've asked someone else to run VBS next year in hopes that we won't be here.
  • Anyone who has some insight or help for us writing our VBS programme entitled Jesus to the Rescue???
  • I've already figured out the Bible stories in correlation to rescue services. And I've got general ideas for our skits. Just need them written in skit format. No clue about songs or crafts or games.
  • Flat Brandon came to visit us last week. We had been waiting for him to show up. He even got to visit VBS with us!! I have pictures but now have no way of uploading photos as Josh decided to reinstall Windows on the media centre computer and so far it has taken 3 days. And it will have Windows 7 so not sure if it will be compatible with the camera. If it isn't we'll install the card reader...even if I have to do it myself.
  • I miss blogging.
  • I miss blogging with pictures.
  • As part of homeschool we are going to make flat versions of ourselves to send out in the world. Thinking about setting up a blog for them though.
  • Homeschool started again yesterday. We got about half done what I wanted. And so far today we've done nothing. Of course instead of 15 minutes to get photos printed it took 1.5 hours!! I really should hook up my colour printer.
  • Catie turns 7 next week!!!
  • We're going to our new local water park for her birthday. It's the first day of school for everyone else so hopefully we'll have the water park to ourselves (well, mostly)
  • finally went to the wholesalers here in town. They aren't any cheaper but I love their store. Bought a 2.4kg miracle whip!!! and a 3 litre maple syrup!! No cheaper than the grocery stores but we shouldn't run out anytime soon. Seems like every time I turn around we're out of those.
  • They also have 1 litre bottles of imitation vanilla. i'll have to try those when my vanilla runs out.
  • Did I tell you about my vodka/vanilla bean experiment??
  • Nathan is changing SO MUCH!!! Just last week at VBS he reached out with both hands and grabbed my cup and tried to drink out of it. He's never had a drink from a cup in his life!!
  • Last night Josh was holding Nathan at the computer and Nathan was having so much fun just banging on the keyboard.
  • The girls are all doing well. We're hot and cranky and tired after last week but we're okay. Gonna try some new discipline techniques around here and see how they work.
  • Finally took my christmas tree down on Sunday afternoon. It makes me feel like I can breathe again. weird!!
  • Floyd had to buy a new truck and bought a dual cab so he and Gwen can use it to take the girls around. =)
  • He took them for ice cream at McDonald's on Sunday night after church. Just him and the girls!!
  • Floyd and Gwen are taking the girls up to Rockhampton for the weekend. Gee, what am I going to do with myself this weekend?? =)
  • TTFN


grammynurse said...

Thanks for catching us up. I miss you when you are not blogging. I should be better. Nathan is almost 5 mos. WOW A package is coming for Catie's birthday. It's not wrapped beyond the envelope. If she doesn't find it, have her look in the pocket. Books haven't come yet.

Helen said...

Umm Tamra - please tell me about the vodka/vanilla thingy. Sounds pretty good to me. Also please pass on what new discipline methods you are using, I need new ones I think. Thanks again for everything last week, the kids all had a heaps of fun. Hope you are all managing to catch up on sleep and homeschooling. By the way, are you guys doing swimming lessons this year? If not, we are heading to the pool each Friday morning....