Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Catie and Emma's room


After moving Catie's bed into the room Josh decided to measure the beds and realized that the bed wouldn't fit where we were putting Emma's bed. So we took apart the bed and Emma is just sleeping on the trundle that goes under it. We put cork boards up in the rooms (I let them paint them) because the girls kept taping pictures up on their walls and we didn't want the paint messed up. The girls are all playing with their "paper" dolls from Grandma. She made the dolls with her embroidery machine. They have glue that let you stick the clothes on but remove them easily as well. The dolls are so lovely and Gwen made them little "books" to keep them in with plastic pages for the clothes to stick to and little "beds" for the dolls to stay in. They each have a boy and a girl doll and the designs are each a little different too.

The best part about the girls switching rooms is that they have kept them clean ever since. LOVE IT!!


Saminda said...

Wow it all looks amazing Tamra!! Great job. :) And those dolls are adorable!

grammynurse said...

I keep going back to the these great paper dolls and books. They are so cute! What a super idea!