Sunday, October 25, 2009


I don't have much time as I need to finish the bulletin and get the house tidy for visitors after church. But here's a quick wrap up of the last week and a bit.
  • In the last month all 3 girls had strep--sore throat, fever, rash, loss of appetite.
  • Catie got the sore throat again last weekend and while we were at camp and didn't eat much all week.
  • She finally felt better the last day of camp--Thursday.
  • She also got two boils--one in her inner thigh and one on her knee. Poor thing. Apparently Josh used to get lots of them when he was young.
  • Emma woke up Friday with the left side of her neck REALLY swollen. We headed to the doctor and he wasn't sure if she has strep again or glandular fever(mono). So she had to get a throat culture and a blood test. We'll get those results on Monday. For the moment she is on a stronger antibiotic than last time.
  • The antibiotic has to be given 4 times a day on an empty stomach--half an hour before food and/or two hours after food. This makes it very difficult. I've started giving it to her about half an hour before we eat breakfast and lunch then again in the late afternoon and then wake her up to take the last dose at least two hours after dinner.
  • Beka had a rash on her face this week at camp. While we were sitting at the doctor's office on Friday I noticed it was also on her palms and soles. The doctor thinks she has Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease.
  • Nathan has been very fussy this week. Several times I've been holding him and he feels very warm. Doctor said as long as he is still feeding really well (he is) there's nothing to do.
  • We've seen the doctor more times this year than we have in our entire lives I think.
  • Camp was fine. Catie and Emma really enjoyed it. Even though Catie didn't want to eat much she played all the games and joined all the activities. Emma did really well, especially considering she was younger than anyone else (except Beka, Emily and Nathan). Beka joined in most of the activities as well. The ones she didn't join in were our choice and not hers. She would have done everything if she could.
  • Nathan is growing like a weed. And he is all boy. He's charming the girls with his smiles, burping like a pro and making all those "charming" body noises. He's pretty funny with those body noises/functions. For instance, last Sunday he hadn't pooped in a couple days. One of the older ladies offered to hold him all through church but he was going to need to eat so I said no. About 10 minutes later I was really glad I said no. Josh was holding him and he started grunting. Then you could hear explosive poo. Josh and I got the giggles. After I was sure he was done I took him out to change and feed him. Well, he had pooped through his nappy, through his cute little John Deere outfit Grammy made him and through the blanket!! Well, I had only grabbed my little wipes and nappy holder so didn't have any clothes to change him into. And I used up every single wipe I had cleaning him up. Of course he hates to have his nappy changed and was hungry so he was screaming the whole time too. I just had to laugh. =)
I'll try to update with some pictures later this week. We just need to get some sort of routine again!! =)


grammynurse said...

Sounds like good but difficult week. Hopefully all the sickness will be over and not more doctors. I've really missed you and the little notes and all. Tried to send some other pictures of the cousins but I couldn't get the there. Maybe I'll use do e-mail. I get too aggravated with all this high tech stuff!! Love you all

Saminda said...

What a huge few months Tamra! Our family seems to have seasons like that too, when everything happens at once. We're kind-of in one now actually. Probably will be until December! :( As you said though, you've gotta laugh. Hope everyone is well again soon.