Friday, October 16, 2009


  • It took me 3 tries before I spelled Friday correctly in the title (and 2 more times in this sentence)
  • Nathan ate at 6:45pm then went to sleep at 8pm and slept until 1:45am!! Then after eating he slept until 5:30am.
  • Emma didn't sleep well and is a major GROUCH today.
  • Beka woke up several times as well and is also a GROUCH today.
  • Hence, we have declared today to be Curious George Day. We started with the Curious George movie and are reading some of the books and doing some activity pages and crafts related to Curious George.
  • Catie decided to colour her stick puppets any colour she wanted and instead of "the man with the yellow hat" he is the "yellow man with the hat".
  • Both times I wrote hat I actually spelled hate first. what's up with my typing today??
  • The girls made a "theatre" for their stick puppets. (That would be Beka showing it off.)
  • My computer was hijacked in the middle of this post and we've spent the last hour playing curious george games on the computer.
  • now we are going to have lunch and then quiet time. Hopefully Beka and Emma join Nathan ASLEEP!!

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