Sunday, April 15, 2012

This girl...

  • likes to squeal in an unbelievably high tone.  Like earsplitting high
  • likes to sing along with the piano and singing at church.  but does it by squealing.  this isn't very conducive to the quiet atmosphere of communion.
  • has been chewing on her lower lip a lot the last few weeks.  teeth soon??
  • realized that she can make kissy noises by smacking her lips while chewing on the bottom one.  It's pretty cute really.
  • is wearing mostly 9 month size clothes.  She keeps getting longer and longer.  
  • still has very little hair.  and I think it's getting darker like she'll have brown hair instead of blonde.
  • will stand up while people are holding her most of the time.  like in the second picture up above.
  • she is so so close to sitting up properly
  • and as of last weekend she has started getting up on all fours.  
  • And on Wednesday afternoon while I was chatting with Mom on the computer she started throwing herself forward while on all fours effectively propelling herself along.  ugghhh...I'm so not ready for a crawler.  
  • will probably walk early too. Beka walked at 9 months (well, just a couple days shy of 10 months really) any bets on whether Naomi will walk earlier??

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