Thursday, April 12, 2012

Josh's Birthday

Josh's birthday was the Friday after Emma's party.  I love that the kids were possibly more excited about Daddy's gifts than he was.  haha.  And did you spot the baby?  She stayed on Josh's lap while he opened all his gifts.  I also found it amusing that between us and his parents most of his gifts were toys and/or novelty items i.e. Bucky Balls, a newton's cradle, freeze dried ice cream, a puzzle roll, a flying monkey.  Doesn't his cake look yummy?  We got a half price coupon from The Cheesecake Shop around Valentine's Day that expired at the end of March so I had been saving it.  Came to his birthday and I grabbed the coupon only to realize that it expired the 27th!  I laughingly said something about it to the lady at the Cheesecake Shop (I had decided to buy something from there anyway because I was busy and the girls were really looking forward to it.)  and she let me use the coupon anyway.  Yay!!

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