Friday, April 13, 2012

Emma's Birthday

 LEGO stickers

 LEGO book with pieces

 ummm...yes...that would be more LEGO =)

 a picture frame/snowglobe

On Emma's actual birthday she opened a few presents.  I had gone into our room to feed the baby and Josh was still in bed so she opened presents there.  Can't wait to open presents!!  =)  We went to the beach for a few hours after as you can see by their swimmers.  Bible study was at our house that evening so we invited the S's to come over early for her birthday dinner.  Emma chose hot dogs and macaroni and cheese~a choice inspired by Uncle Steve. 
After thinking we'd had our first experience in 11 years with losing a package in the mail it showed up 3 weeks later than the package it was sent with but only a day late for her birthday.  She got more LEGO from Grammy and Papa.  (I think one more birthday present might be in order~a big plastic container to hold all the LEGO)
Putting together the LEGO from Grammy and Papa that evening with Nathan watching carefully.  It's a  car afterall so it must be his, right?? 

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