Saturday, September 10, 2011

Urban Farmer??

we got 2 new chooks.  They're still working out the pecking order with the black chickens but we're hopeful it will all be sorted soon.  We planted some pumpkin seedlings on Saturday morning and by Saturday afternoon they'd been dug up.  So we've put some fencing around the garden as we let the chooks free range most of the day.  My lettuces and tomatoes are growing really well.  We've been enjoying the fresh lettuce in salads and sandwiches.  Out in the front the roses are growing back well after their annual winter pruning.  The rose I was given when Nathan was born died last year and had left a big blank spot just by the front door.  I'm so excited that I was able to get a hydrangea bush.  I hope it grows really well.  My pansies still look great in their wooden planter and Emma's petunias just keep going.  Our miniature peach tree finally died so I need to find something to put in that planter.  ahhh...I love spring.  And it's been a gorgeous one so far!

ummm...well, I've been using the new blogger interface and it uploaded my pictures backwards to what I thought.  Oh well, you're smart.  You can figure out what's what.  =)

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