Thursday, September 1, 2011

10 years!!

10 things I love/admire about Josh
  1. His patience and ability to hold his temper in.
  2. The way he is with our kids.
  3. The way he researches big purchases and is careful with money (I really admire him for this but don't always LOVE this part.) =)
  4. That he can fix/repair/build anything he sets his mind to.
  5. The way he isn't concerned about what most other people think.
  6. He works hard and gives 100%.
  7. That my life with him is completely different than I imagined 10 years ago but it's good and peaceful and we're content.
  8. He helps out around the house when I need/ask him to.
  9. His hugs, kisses and all that mushy stuff. =)
  10. That he loves me!

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