Thursday, June 23, 2011

tooting my own horn =)

I'm just taking a moment here because I'm very proud of myself. Our car seat cover has been through 4 babies and the backing was completely disintegrating. Here you can kinda see what the front looked like.
Anyhoo, I bought $15 worth of heavy cute polka dot material and read the tutorial by Ashley on Make It and Love It. Then Josh took the car seat out one day after Nate spilled or spewed or something and washed it all. I grabbed the cover with the intention of re-doing it that day. Well, several weeks passed and Nate has been using a bigger booster seat. But he will be much more comfortable on our trip up north (not to mention safer) in his other car seat. So yesterday I bit the bullet and cut that cover apart. Of course I neglected to pay attention to what Ashley said and didn't take any photos. So then I was worried that I wouldn't be able to put it back together. But I found some thick iron-on pellon in my craft room and just started sewing it all together. And it worked!!! I'm so happy! It's so much cuter now. And not shedding all over my car. I somehow made a mistake in cutting out one piece and didn't realize until after I had sewn it together but it was an easy fix as it was cut too big and I hadn't hemmed/put the binding on it yet. So, without further ado~the new and improved car seat!!


Saminda said...

Tamra, that would have to go down as the cutest car seat ever! :) Gorgeous.

grammynurse said...

Very nice!!! You should toot your own horn. Do you leave Sat?
Went to Going Bonkers today. Since flat Meghan went with your girls, she wanted to see the place for real. They all had a good time.

Helen said...

Toot away girl! That's so could probably make a fortune!! Hope you are well - love to you all.