Friday, June 24, 2011

These make me happy

Our new patio roof. Josh took these photos last night. The guy is out there right now putting on the gutter and downpipe and whatever finishing touches are needed.

Finding a wooden train set at a price I like after a few weeks of looking in preparation for Nate's birthday.

The boy in boots and overalls.
He loves those boots so much he wears them every day all day. Even takes his naps with them on. He'd sleep with them on at night but I won't let him. =)

Girl #3 in a brand new Grammy made outfit

Girl #2 in a new Grammy made shirt and a new Grandma made skirt

Girl #1 (in a new Grammy made shirt as well) reading as usual. (Nate was laying down beside her looking at the book but got up just as I took the photo. of course)

a clean school room floor

This corner of my front room especially with the new big fluffy cushions I made with the pillowcases that came with the sheet I'm using as a cover for the futon, my new bookshelf and my new winterscape on the mirror.

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