Thursday, June 16, 2011

my little secret....sssshhhhh.....

I'm gonna let you in on my little secret to seeming clever and creative. Surround yourself with creative and clever people. Like Josh, he built a bench for the side of the table that is up against the wall so that the chairs quit scraping the wall. And it fits 3 people easily. He also built a stand for the Berkey filter so that it doesn't have to be right on my sink and take up so much space. Clever!!

Or like my mom, who makes beautiful clothes for my children so I don't have to. (They have heaps of clothes she has made but these were the easiest pictures to find) Clever!!

Or like Mark, who takes my idea and Josh's scribble on a piece of paper and turns them into beautiful, just what I envisioned, perfect bookshelves. Clever!!

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grammynurse said...

Like the bench. Looks professional. And the stand really makes your counter look bigger. The shelves are great and yet will fit anywhere when you decide to change the room. And what about all the clothes you make? You are very creative as well in all areas. Or is that a shhhh also?