Tuesday, September 28, 2010

This Kid

  • is such a little man. Give him something with garlic in it and he reeks of it for days. =)
  • can't walk yet but has figured out how to climb up on the chair and onto the table.
  • has also figured out how to climb up on the dresser/tv stand and sit right next to the tv. I'm guessing he is fascinated by the characters being life size to him.
  • will eat pretty much anything you give him but would be just fine if all I ever did was breastfeed him.
  • looks just like his daddy did.
  • likes to scream and bite and shake his head no
  • giggles when you tell him no
  • does not like long car drives
  • has such an infectious laugh
  • loves riding the tractor with Daddy but you won't catch him smiling at it because it's serious business.
  • loves to try walking between Mama and Daddy at night when he is super tired and he laughs the entire time especially if he falls down.
  • loves his big sisters...most of the time.
  • thinks his Daddy is pretty great
  • but loves his Mama most of all. =)

1 comment:

grammynurse said...

I wan to give this kid kisses and cuddles. HOwever I know he will not want them from me. Hopefully we will get to know him well in about 7 weeks!