Tuesday, September 28, 2010

And this Kid

  • loves to dress up and wear skirts
  • also loves to climb trees and hang off the swing set in those skirts
  • is all about doing her own hair
  • is a bottomless pit. seriously, she eats more than Josh and I.
  • can be very loving and helpful
  • can also be very selfish
  • will be 6 and a half on Monday!
  • loves to find money to put in her bank
  • loves to take the money out of her bank and buy something, anything, just let her spend it!!!
  • is almost reading
  • is good at math
  • loves loves loves crafts and such. She is constantly creating things and giving them away
  • tells funny jokes and stories but even funnier are her facial expressions as she tells them

1 comment:

grammynurse said...

I was hoping you were going to do this for all the "kids". I have crafts for her to work on in just less than two months. Emma must like to stay busy. Will try to have enough food to fill the bottomless pit!