Saturday, August 14, 2010

weekend thoughts on busy-ness and disorganization

Last Friday we had a bonfire with the youth group about 45 minutes away from Hervey Bay. We left Emma with our friends and brought home their son. Got home late and went straight to bed. On Saturday we went up to Sauvageot's to do the meat. (we buy half a cow and sort and bag the meat ourselves.) We ended up staying up at their place all day. Got home late, showered the kids and put them to bed. Sunday was the second Sunday so we had fellowship lunch. With trying to get the kids up and ready and food ready to take we were rushing around and when we came home that afternoon we all took naps. Then we took a walk and for dinner Josh cooked pancakes on the BBQ. By the time Monday rolled around our house looked like a disaster zone. We got most of it tidy on Monday and a bit on Tuesday. It rained for the first part of the week too so couldn't do much laundry. The house looked good for ladies' fellowship Wednesday morning but somehow by the time we left for Emily's birthday that afternoon it was starting to unravel. Thursday morning I took the girls to Grandma and Grandpa's house to travel to Brisbane and back with them. Then Roseanne and I (and Nate of course) went to Bundaberg. Thursday night I had a baby shower to attend. The girls got home around midnight. They slept in a bit Friday morning and then we gave the front room a good tidy and got started on the main room. Then Emily came over for the day and Roseanne came to use my rotary cutter and mat to cut some fabric. The afternoon was spent trying to get naps in and keep small hands occupied. We met Josh at school and went out for dinner, dropped him back at the church for youth group, got a couple things from the grocery store and were back home and kids in bed by 7:45. Woke up this morning and yet again our house is a disaster zone. YUCK!!! Laundry is piled HIGH!! so that's the priority today. Nathan found a marker laying on the ground and drew on the wall. So now I'm off the computer to get the kids gathered up to tidy some more. Josh is at a webinar for school so maybe it will be tidy by the time he gets home and we can go to the park or something. We can always hope. =)

3 months from now we will be messing up Grammy's house!!

Just kidding, Mom!! We'll try to keep it tidy. =)

Is this a good reason or just another excuse??

p.s. if your house is messy and you feel really bad and you need a pick-me-up just use Google images and type in "messy house". My house is definitely not that bad.

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grammynurse said...

I will love to have a messy house!!! It will be worth it all. With two of us it really does not get too bad - except now while trying to redo the bathroom. Come on and mess up my house And yes, making memories is a good excuse. Wish I had taken the time to make more of those.