Tuesday, August 10, 2010

more shorts

so, here's some crappy pictures after those beautiful ones in the last post. =)
I made some more shorts for Nathan yesterday. I spent about $60 on clothes for the kids. Mostly for Catie as she is growing out of everything it seems. $40 was on sale clothes at Big W and the other $20 at some local op shops. Anyway, found a shirt for $3 at the op shop that I liked the plaid and it had a cute hemline. You probably can't see it too well here but the sides had little slits and the hem has an additional decorative red stitching around it. Bonus was that I used their hem. So it took me about 10 minutes to make these shorts for Nate. He was standing by the chair at the table but loves the camera so came to me and wouldn't let go so these pictures were taken as I leaned over and stretched out my arm and clicked away. =)

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