Wednesday, August 18, 2010

to-do lists

This week
  • catch up on school work
  • fold laundry in bedroom
  • tidy craft room
  • finish stuff for Nathan's party
  • grocery shopping
  • finish building blocks from girls to Nathan
  • mop floor
  • send June and July school stuff in
  • mail invitations to people who aren't coming but get invites anyway =)
  • go to bed before 10:30
  • weigh myself =(
  • find motivation and energy somewhere
  • aerobics on Friday can't because Josh is leaving early for a seminar thingy in Gympie =(
  • take at least 2 walks 12
Next week
  • decide what we're serving for Nate's birthday party
  • grocery shopping
  • finish making lolly tractors
  • keep up with school work
  • pray for good weather on Saturday
  • realize that my baby is 1 year old already!!!
  • get started on projects in the craft room--Emma's skirt, dresses, Nathan's outfits, etc.
  • aerobics M,W,F
  • walking or aerobics T, T, S
  • decide on and make Nathan's cake
Next Saturday
  • get balloons blown up
  • get hay bales
  • get tractor and marquee from school
  • defrost sausages and do all the food stuff
  • have fun
  • hire a housecleaner HA!!

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