Tuesday, July 27, 2010


  • After two weeks' of holidays (no aerobics) followed by two weeks' of trying to learn a new aerobics video I feel like I haven't exercised in a really long time.
  • Monday I used a "Walk it off with George" dvd and even though it's hokey and lame it was better than the one I don't understand and I actually felt like I had done something good.
  • Even after publishing that post last week I still didn't eat well. Doing better this week but afraid to step on the scale.
  • Nathan will be 1 in one month!!!
  • I'm having fun planning his party.
  • I'll have three fun weekends in a row. Nathan's party on August 28, My birthday on Sept 4 and a girls' weekend in Montville the following week!!
  • Then three weeks after that Beka turns 5!
  • And 6 weeks after that we head to the States!!!! AHHHHHH!!!!!!!
  • Our schedule is crazy lately. (well, crazy for me)
  • Mondays I have aerobics at 6:30 the girls have swimming lessons at 8:30 and then we do the grocery shopping and whatever other errands need run. Josh has a meeting on the 4th Monday each month that usually runs late.
  • Tuesday is stay at home and do nothing day. Josh has a meeting on the first Tuesday of each month that usually runs late.
  • Wednesday I have aerobics at 6:30 and we host either playgroup or ladies' meeting. And every two months or so we have Bible study here Wednesday night.
  • Thursday mornings Roseanne comes over and cooks with the girls. Thursday night we get a babysitter for the kids and we go off to Young Marrieds' Bible study
  • Friday I have aerobics at 6:30 but otherwise is a stay at home and do nothing day.
  • Saturday, Josh is home so what we do varies.
  • Of course we have to fit homeschooling in there somewhere.
  • And Josh has a day off every other week.
  • I've been trying to craft.
  • I need to get VBS ready.
So, that's us recently. I am so thankful that except for a sore throat/headache thing that Josh had last week we have been really healthy this winter. So much better than last winter. I'm off to find sheets for beds. The only reason I will be happy for warmer weather is HOPEFULLY there won't be anymore wet beds. I'm definitely over them.

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Tanya said...

I think you are more than busy enough! Almost as busy as me :-) LOL..I'm just glad I don't have to fit homeschooling in there too!!!