Wednesday, July 21, 2010

New Fabric

For Girls' skirts using this tutorial Split Twirl Skirt

For Nathan--obviously--using the shorts pattern below or something similar

and something for Mama--a skirt, using the pattern below (the green and brown flowers/brown shirt)

I bought the fabrics from Holly via her Etsy shop. So much more I could buy. I love the coordinating damask fabrics from the line of fabric for my skirt. The car fabric for Nathan has cute coordinating fabrics too, and in two colourways. They have the cutest red snowflake, snowman fabric too. oh well, next time!!

p.s. originally I asked just for the fabric for the girls' skirts. When she sent me a price she told me that she could fit up to 8 yards for the same shipping price!!! So I spent two days checking out fabric because it's better fabric than I can afford here for a better price. So fun!! =)

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