Saturday, April 17, 2010

Long Week

  • painted the main room last Saturday
  • had Fellowship Lunch on Sunday
  • Finally got the furniture moved back into place (from painting) on Monday
  • had an 8:30 swimming lesson on Monday (so nice though that now all 3 girls have the same lesson time and are in the group together and the time isn't in the middle of the day.)
  • had to drive home as it started raining to get our sheets off the line.
  • oh yeah, Nathan started the day by vomiting all over our bed.
  • After saving the sheets I took the 4 kids grocery shopping while Josh went golfing.
  • Yeah, that's how I felt about it too.
  • But at least we started back into our school work after a 2 week break.
  • Tuesday we cleaned the house. And Josh took Beka and Nathan to Aldi to pick up a few things and to drop off 4 loads of towels, sheets, blankets to the laundry lady.
  • Nathan vomited again. He has a cold this week. No runny nose but congestion and a yucky cough that makes him throw up.
  • We did school work as well.
  • Wednesday was crazy. 9:30 Ladies' Fellowship meeting here at the house, then Sauvageot's stayed for lunch, then at 3:30 the girls had eye exams and at 7 Bible study was at our house.
  • We got the girls' eyes checked because they've been learning about the 5 senses in their school work. Next up is hearing checks if we can ever get them booked in. At least we finally have a number to call.
  • Dr. wants to see Emma and Catie back in a year. Apparently they could use glasses. I think Josh said they are farsighted.
  • Dr. wants me to reschedule Beka's appointment. He wants me to bring her in, he'll give her eyedrops, then I take her away for an hour for them to work and then we go back and he does the eye exam again. Apparently the eyedrops will relax her eyes. He thinks her eyes are fine though but wants to make sure.
  • Thursday Josh had to work. We met the Sauvageot's at the library at 9:30 because our books were due that day. Then I took the kids to Aldi in hopes of finding another Tigger ice pack because Emma's busted. No luck. Then we spent the afternoon doing both Wed and Thursday's school work.
  • Friday Josh had to work. We got our school work mostly done.
  • The schoolwork would've been all done except it took a certain child 3 HOURS!!! to do one handwriting page.
  • I told her (when we were about 15 minutes into it) that she couldn't have lunch until the page was done. Sometime during the following 2 hours and 45 minutes she told me that she was "as hungry as a little bird who couldn't find any food."
  • Thankfully about half an hour after the page was FINALLY finished Josh came home and let me have some time on my own. So I headed to the post office and posted some birthday cards, then checked Big W for ice packs, then went to the little scrapbooking store for some black rub-ons for a project, and finished up with a little trip to the grocery store for juice as Josh was dying with only milk and water to drink. And I may or may not have bought some chocolate as well. and blueberry bagels. =)
  • So last night I did a couple quick projects that I've been meaning to do forever!!
  • Now, I'm off to do laundry. well, what laundry that can go in the dryer as it is raining. AGAIN!!! It has rained for 2.5 months out of the last 3. I am so over the rain. But at least it is nice and cool this week.

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