Monday, April 26, 2010

8 months

Nathan is 8 months old today. He
  • eats applesauce, pearsauce, pumpkin, sweet potato and anything you'll let him try.
  • crawls using his hands and feet but doesn't lift his belly off the floor.
  • has two teeth.
  • loves to smile.
  • loves his Mama (and not too many other people lately).
  • loves his Daddy.
  • loves his sisters~most of the time.
  • has just started pulling himself into a standing position.
  • just moved into Beka's room on Thursday night.
  • slept from 8pm - 3am Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.
  • celebrated turning 8 months old by sleeping from 8pm - 6am Sunday night!!
  • just woke up from his nap. =)


Saminda said...

Yay Nathan!! That first photo is GORGEOUS Tamra! :)

grammynurse said...

Thanx soooo much for the update pictures and doin's. He is changing every time! He has a very special family to love.

Liz Curry said...

naawww he is sooooooo cute man. I want one of those! lol :P