Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Fun with friends

Nathan, Beka, Ashleigh, Emma, Catie (under the table) and Alex

Ashleigh, Emma and Catie

Nathan H. (fun fact~both Nathan's were born on August 26th. Just 3 years apart)

When we went to Brisbane a week ago the girls finally got a chance to spend their gift card from Auntie Jennifer. We went through Toys 'R Us several times before they made their final choices. Beka chose goggles and I chose a pull along puppy for Nathan. Catie and Emma pooled their money together to purchase something Catie had been wanting "Forever!". The Playdoh ice cream shoppe. On Saturday they got it out to play with their friends. It kept 6 kids aged 3 - 7 occupied for over 2 hours!

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Tanya said...

our kids love their playdough Ice Cream shoppe too. Playdough is a favorite at our house. I guess we know what to have the kids do in November and December :-)