Friday, February 19, 2010

Things I love

  • COOL weather
  • Pampers (so awesome that Coles is selling them now)
  • Nathan's walker toy
  • my 3 new cookbooks
  • making lists in my head for going to the States
  • a clean schoolroom
  • a happy baby
  • Emma and Beka playing together nicely
  • telling Catie it's time to get up from quiet time and her asking if she can finish her book first
  • Josh getting every other Friday off work
  • having cash in my wallet because the groceries were under budget this week
  • my crock pots~yes, I have two of them
  • sparkling water with juice instead of Coke or Pepsi
  • Thursday night Bible study
  • my dryer
  • my awesome knives


Kay said...

I love some of thoses things too Tamra! Especially the one where my kids love reading so much!

The Vest Nest said...

I may have to steal this idea! Cute!!