Friday, February 12, 2010

Chef Catie

when I went shopping the other day the girls brought their "shop money". Catie REALLY wants a little cupcake baking thing (kinda like a Suzy Q Easy Bake oven). Of course it is like $80! so I told her she could buy a cake mix from the grocery store and make it at home in the regular oven. So that's what she did. And of course you can't bake without your apron and chef's hat on!!


Kay said...

Cute! Let them cook I say. :-)
Less you have to do.

Helen said...

So cute!!!! I Love seeing a little girl baking cupcakes etc. in the kitchen. Must get Ellie an apron and hat!!

grammynurse said...

Love the pics. Go Catie! Enjoy the cooking. I bet it tastes good too.