Friday, February 26, 2010

6 months old!!

I took these this morning and then realized that they were taken almost to the minute of him being exactly 6 months old! And he does have a nappy on, he was just playing with the towel. =)


Helen said...

Oh Nate....nappies are completely over rated!! Nappy-free time - that's something to smile about eh!!!

Hay Tamra - we tie-dyed the pillow cases with elastic bands and little canisters of Dylon cold dye. You just pull up a piece of fabris, wrap the elastic band tightly around the fabric and then chuck them in the dye.
We did two colours - let the case dry bewteen each colour, chnage the position of the bands and then chuck them in the next colour.
It worked better than expected so we are going to do some t-shirts next. Do you guys want to come over and do it with us????

Saminda said...

Tamra, he is so beautiful. :) He's really grown and changed since we last saw you guys!

Saraya has just asked "what is Nathan's middle name"???

Kay said...

Too cute!