Monday, August 10, 2009

This week

Monday--had a dr. appt. Took the girls with me for the first time. Thankfully it was as quick as normal. Then we went grocery shopping. Had to get a few things from Nana's Pantry (brown sugar, raw sugar, corn flour) and was pleasantly surprised to see that they've added Hershey's chocolate syrup to their inventory. YAY!! Dinner tonight is chicken over rice.

Tuesday--Emily's 1st birthday. Can you believe it? Weird to think that Mom and Dad were here just a year ago when she was born. The girls are really looking forward to her "party". My goals for the day are some schoolwork (not too much is going to get done on the homeschool front this week but that's okay), the kitchen cupboards and mop the floor. The kitchen cupboards is one of the things I've been meaning to do for a long time so am using Mom and Dad's arrival as a goal. The floor desperately needs to be mopped so hopefully Josh will help as I find mopping to be extremely uncomfortable.

Wednesday--Ladies' Fellowship is at our house in the morning. We're packing school bags for Tehillah Ministries. My only other goal for Wednesday is the school room. The girls can destroy that room in two minutes flat!! Dinner is going to be enchiladas.

Thursday--Move the futon into the craft room and make sure that room is ready for occupation by Mom and Dad. Clean out the refrigerator. Clean the bathrooms. Youth Group is on from 4:00 - 5:30. Dinner will be nice and easy--tuna noodle casserole.

Friday--Mom and Dad arrive at 8:50 am!!! No real plans that day except to enjoy catching up with them. Dinner will be spaghetti and garlic bread--another nice easy meal.

Saturday--No plans for Saturday either. Dinner is going to be steaks on the grill. Yummy!!

Of course mixed in with these goals are the normal goals of laundry, tidy house, school work and I have a church bulletin to put out this week. And obviously if this baby decides to make his entrance early (haha) all plans are null and void!! =)


grammynurse said...

Busy week!! Don't do toomuch. TRhat baby is going to need you to be rested. We;ll be there to help do whatever. I just thought I was excited about seeing you all but now I'm getting real excited!! Two days of work and then Wed. finish the last minuted stuff and a good nap. See you soon.

Helen said...

Hey Tamra - thinking of you and your family this week - hoping you manage some good rest and this baby boy we are all waiting for just kind of pleasantly turns up one afternoon!! (tee hee - as if)Anyway, enjoy these last few days of being pregnant - give those gorgeous girls a big cuddle for me. Lots of love from us to you!