Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Baby update

okay, that's a pic from the other ultrasound because when you get it done at the hospital you don't get frills like pics of the baby. I didn't even get to see the baby today. The tech kept the monitor pointed towards him and didn't show me anything. Oh well. It's definitely a boy he said. And like I suspected he's more long than chubby. The tech didn't give an estimate of his weight but said he wasn't big and that he had long legs. Apparently though there is an excess of fluid. The tech said there will be "reports of small localized flooding when your water breaks." just what I needed to know. Now I can worry about my water breaking in public.

Had the doctor's appointment a couple hours after the ultrasound. They still hadn't received the report of the u/s. so it was basically a wasted appt. My blood pressure is normal and baby is fine. Although the doctor didn't really instill confidence as she was listening for the heartbeat and wasn't sure if it was mine or the baby's. She also reminded me that if my water breaks or if there is any bleeding to come to the hospital straight away. I felt like saying,"Well, thanks for that. I'm not sure I would've known what to do in that situation!!" She also said how good it was that I waited 4 years between children because having them close together would be very hard. Ummm....maybe she should've checked my chart a little closer. =)

Josh was great and watched the girls through both appointments. I just took their school work and some extra stuff and left them at school with him. I went to the school between appointments and did some work with the girls and we all went and got lunch. Catie says that Grammy and Papa need to get here soon so they can watch the girls instead of Daddy. =) Speaking of that, Mom and Dad get here one week from Friday. The girls ask every day how many days are left until Grammy and Papa get here. Someone asked them today how long it will be and Catie shouted "9 days!!!" They are very excited.

p.s. just as I was about to hit publish the doctor called with the results from the u/s. I think she said the baby was 3.4kg (7.5 lbs). (does anyone else find the Indian accent to be one of the hardest to understand?) Ummm....don't they gain like a pound a week now? Doesn't that mean he could easily be 10lbs if I go overdue? Whatever. I'll see the doctor again on Monday. Hopefully a different doctor. One that I feel slightly confident in.


grammynurse said...

Thanx for the update. Tell the girls we are just as excited to be there as they appear to be. Praying for you all. Yes, I think maybe from experience you may know than that ??Dr.??? Keep him in there for another 9 days and we will be there to babysit!

Saminda said...

So excited for you Tamra. :) Praying for you!

Cathy said...

"Yes" to the Indian accent being difficult to understand; I keep having to ask them to repeat themselves and say it slower when they're asking me to consent to stuff - I don't want to get caught out:) I, too, apparently have extra fluid and, at almost 36 weeks, have been told that our "little one" is about 9 pounds (4 kg give or take 500g!) Chloe and Declan (9lb 12oz and 10lb 1 oz) both came early so we're expecting this one soon, too - I wonder if we'll deliver around the same time? :)

May God's perfect peace completely surround the arrival of your precious boy!