Monday, August 17, 2009


catch up/ketchup/mustard/whatever =)

  • Mom and Dad are here. It's been good. I get to have Lucky Charms for breakfast and grape jelly on toast for morning tea. =)
  • Catie was dressed like Laura Ingalls when we picked Grammy and Papa up from the airport. =)
  • Spent a lot of Saturday outside. We got mulch down on the front gardens and the veggie gardens.
  • Got a cabbage out of the garden on Saturday. It was yummy.
  • BBQ'ed for the first time in a long time on Saturday night. That was yummy too. I may or may not have had 2 steaks!! with the best avocado I've had in ages. and bacon and cheese too.
  • Yesterday we went to the Sauvageot's for Emily's 1st birthday party. Lots of people. More BBQ. yummy
  • so far today I haven't done much. I'm not feeling too well and am hoping this means the birth is soon. I'd love to have an early baby. And I am SO OVER being pregnant.
  • But I do have to go to the grocery store and need a couple things on sale at Big W and Target. I also have a midwife appt at 11:30. so I should really get moving. =)
  • Emma went to Brisbane with Grandpa today. I find it hard to put my little girls into someone else's car and wave goodbye to them. But I know she'll enjoy the time with Grandpa.
  • Not a very exciting life at the moment but that's normal. I'm off to shop. Maybe the walking will help bring on baby.
  • And maybe someday Josh will finally decide on a name for this baby. =)


Saminda said...

hey there Tamra,
thinking of you all the time!! Glad to hear you're hanging in there okay, and enjoying the time with your Mum and Dad. I was thinking of you on Friday morning. :)
Your garden sounds great. How did you cook your cabbage? I bought a huge one at market on Thursday but am a bit stumped now on what to do with it. Thinking stir-fry, but do you have any other ideas?
Saminda xo

Anonymous said...

What about " Josiah", a little like "Josh".If I'd had another boy......... Happy Birthing :-)