Friday, December 23, 2011

hanging around for Christmas morning =)

Well, I got the fun part of choosing the fabrics and pattern for the girls' Christmas dresses.  Mom did the hard work of producing these beautiful dresses.  They're so gorgeous!!  Better than I imagined.  I used the scraps (and that's just about all we had left.  Mom is much better at fitting patterns on fabric than I am.  I would've never fit it all.) and made the stripwork onesie for Naomi.  My favourite part is the ruffled bum.  =)  Thanks, Mom.  Can't wait to get pictures on Sunday. 


grammynurse said...

Fantastic. Awesome You did an excellent job. I'm anxius for pictures too

Gwen said...

They even look cute hanging in the closet - epecially that wee little one. :) Your mom seems to churn out such beautiful clothes with apparent ease Tamra. And in the multiple sizes necessary too!!