Saturday, December 31, 2011

Dot points

  • Well, I have pics from Christmas but due to super slow and intermittent internet it is just impossible to upload them.  
  • I have one week until VBS!!!!  AHHHHH!!!!!
  • Naomi is growing so much!!
  • I can't believe 2012 starts in less than 3 hours!
  • I apparently really like exclamation points!!
  • Did I mention only 1 week to finish getting ready for VBS??
  • I'm supposed to be doing up a bulletin but can't think of things to put in.
  • I'm three months behind on school paperwork.  
  • I've lost 15 kilos since getting pregnant with Naomi.  I really want to keep it off this time.
  • It doesn't help though that I've been reading this blog.  So much looks so yummy!
  • Catie, Emma, Beka and Nate are spending the night at Grandma's.  It's pretty quiet around here. 
  • I'm not gonna stay up and see in the new year.  I'm such an old fogey.  =)

1 comment:

grammynurse said...

Neither am I I'm aneven older folgey! Happy New Year.