Friday, October 14, 2011

The one in which I ramble

  • After 4 hearing tests this year and failing them all in varying degrees it has been suggested that Beka go to Australian Hearing.  First we are going to visit the doctor and see about physical issues as this time the tester saw fluid on her ears.  So I'm guessing we might end up seeing an ENT and possibly tubes/grommets in her ears?  I made an appointment for her on Monday the 24th to see the Dr.  And then we'll go from there. 
  • I am so ready to be done with this pregnancy.  Lots of pain, pressure and discomfort lately.  Not looking forward to the actually having of the baby but it will be nice to have it over and done with.   Hopefully my memory and cognitive abilities will come back.  I can't remember anything!  and don't think things through too well.  I made a menu this week that is cooking from the freezer and pantry but apparently picked two meals with mince/hamburger in it even though I only have one package of it in the freezer.  hmmm....
  • Had a total pregnancy moment on Sunday which involved baking a cake and then accidentally smashing the cake on the driveway and managing to cut my feet in three different places.  And then Monday I managed to get another sliver of glass in my foot but can't get it out.  ughhh... and it was one of my good 9 x 13 glass pyrex dishes.  I have two but always use both.  so I need to keep an eye out for one on sale.
  • Nate is slowly talking more and more.  He understands a lot more than he says which is nice to know as I had started worrying a bit after all Beka's hearing tests. 
  • Emma has started reading chapter books.  She still isn't the reader that Catie is but I think that's a personality thing.  Josh isn't a big reader either.  She still likes to act like she can't read and asks me to read her schoolwork to her but that is getting less and less frequent.
  • Catie would read all day every day if I let her.  Thankfully she doesn't mind re-reading books and we've found a couple series at the library that are appropriate.  I need to do another order from The Book Depository.  But Mom gets here next week and is bringing some books to keep Catie occupied while they are here.  And Gwen has loaned us some books too.  
  • Josh has been busy with work.  They are having an official opening of the new building on the 25th with dignitaries and all.  Josh is kinda in charge of that.  Wanna bet that's the day the baby comes?? =)
  • We're coming in to the crazy time of year.  Lots more things we need to do.  Between now and Christmas we have an engagement party to attend, the baby due, mom and dad coming to visit, the church AGM, ladies' Christmas luncheon, Sunday school picnic, Sunday school concert, Andrew's graduation dinner, Andrew's graduation, possible Christmas mini-cantata, as well as the normal day to day stuff. I also need to figure out what PACE's to get the older two girls for school next year (aka do the diagnostic testing) and decide what to use for Beka as I'm pretty sure that she won't be reading next year.  Then after Christmas is VBS, Catie's birthday, Nathan & Chantelle's wedding (Beka is a flower girl and Nathan is the ring bearer) and school starting again.  And like I said we still have to do the normal day to day stuff.  Should be interesting.  
  • I love the fact that we are having an extended cool season this year.  This was one of the coldest Hervey Bay winters I can remember and even though we've had a couple hot/humid days we have had many many more cooler breezy days.  I love it. 
  • Gwen has been home since mid-August (I think) and it has been so nice.  She keeps the kids on Thursday evenings for us to go to Bible study and normally takes them in the afternoon so I can have some time to myself.  Alas, she has to go back to Atherton for a conference and end of the school year.  We are all going to miss her.  The kids have such a great time with her.  Even Nathan gets all excited about going to Grandma's house.  Well, he likes it when she picks them up and he gets to leave me.  He doesn't like it so much when I take him there and leave him.  Last week he had just woken up from his nap and Grandpa had to peel him off me while he screamed and cried.  
  • We are getting 4 eggs a days from our 5 chickens.  I was totally over them pooping all over my back porch so Josh rigged up a moveable chicken run.  However, in the last two days they have started realizing they can hop the fence.  So we need to clip their wings a bit more or find another solution.  stupid chickens.  =)
  • I think that's all that's going on around here.  Baby clothes are washed, dried and folded and the hospital bag is as packed as it can be ahead of time.  We bought a second hand baby seat for $50.  Haven't put it in the car yet though.  Need to get the cradle out of the shed and set it up.  Josh put the swing together but I need to buy batteries. My goal this week is to finish tidying/organizing the craft room.  and next week is the school room.  It's an ongoing battle.  I really should clean under my kitchen sink and in the oven before Mom gets here (in 6 days!!!) but that probably won't happen. sorry Mom =)

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