Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I need to take some photos

  • Beka has learned to ride a two wheeled bike
  • Nathan loves Beka's little baby doll. He's even been sleeping with it. He's normally very gentle with it but hopefully he won't think that he can carry the new baby around. =)
  • The craft room is beautifully clean and organized.
  • You would have been amazed or probably aghast at all the stuff Chantelle found shoved under Beka's bed. We got it all cleaned up and now it's nice and clean and so is their closet.
  • Nate has been loving his train set and will play so nicely by himself for hours.
  • Mom and Dad get here tomorrow and the girls have made flowers and coloured pictures to put in their room.
  • I have a stack of teeny tiny nappies waiting for a teeny tiny bum to cover. =)
  • I've got a collection of Christmas presents that is slowly growing bigger. Need to finish some before mom and dad leave so I can save on shipping. I'm so cheap!
Well, I'd better get the camera ready to catch the photos and take to the airport with us tomorrow. We're very excited about Grammy and Papa coming. only 22 more hours!!

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