Wednesday, August 17, 2011

cakes to make

pardon my crude drawings. I'm no artist, that's for sure. Especially on the computer =)

The top cake is for Trevor's 21st birthday party on the 27th. 10, 8 and 5 inch squares plus the topper. The 8 inch squares will be a green velvet cake. And I think the 10 and 5 will be chocolate. or maybe half chocolate half vanilla. Not sure. But I can cut them out of the same 10x15 pans so they'll be the same whatever they are. And the topper will be from fondant. Need to get that made so it will for sure be dry and sturdy. And to make things easier I plan on making the cakes on Monday/Tuesday and then freezing them. Then I'll probably do the buttercream on Friday and just have to place the fondant superhero logos and cityscape on the cake Saturday at the church.

Nate's cake is for Sunday at his "party". Just an excuse to have friends over really. anyway, it's a 10x15 cake cut into the shape of a two. The top road will be made from almond flavoured fondant coloured black (the cake shop was out of black fondant so now I have purple hands from colouring it). the sides will be green coloured buttercream piped with the grass tip. And at Easter I found chocolate rocks and put them in the freezer so I'll put them around the bottom edge. Nice and simple. I have some car shaped chocolates so was going to put a couple of them on but then I found some Little People Wheelies on sale so bought two of them to go on top. He loves anything with wheels so it should be a hit. Not that he really cares as long as it tastes good, right? (p.s. the girls decided on what cake he should have. maybe he'll get a choice next year?)

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