Tuesday, February 15, 2011


my front room still looks the same. I mean, we painted and it looks GREAT but we haven't moved the furniture back yet because I got the brilliant idea that we should hire the carpet cleaning machine from Woolies and clean the carpets while the piano is pulled out. Great idea. just hasn't happened yet.

So, I'm thinking about moving the furniture around. perfect opportunity really.

this photo shows where stuff normally is plus the fact that I'm getting two bookshelves built to go on either side of the window. this is also the reason that the green chair is getting moved out. anyhoo, I'm wondering about switching the piano and the red couch. or maybe moving the futon out as well and just having the red chair and couch by the windows and then the piano under the shadow box thingies and maybe a chair on the wall under the mirror? any thoughts or suggestions??

I also spent some time looking for wall decorations. I have the scrapbook frames for each child plus one for our wedding and the name plaques that Dad made for each of us. I also have the clocks that show our time and TX time. I found this awesome vinyl decal from etsy shop holly. And I adore this poster from etsy shop emrick123. And I'm loving this poster from the same lady for the kids' bathroom.

I bought this embroidery pattern that I love from etsy shop wild olive.

So, I'm trying to decide what to get/make and where it will go so I'm not putting lots of nail holes in Josh's freshly painted walls. =) Thank goodness that we are having playgroup at the pool tomorrow because apparently a room with all the furniture pulled into the center is a great place to play. or so my children think.


grammynurse said...

What can I say? You will make it lovely and should do what you like. I love the elephant picture for the girl's bath. It would be cute anywhere. Have fun deco;rating!

Helen said...

Ummm - it might be just me Tamra, but I can't see any difference in the room......are you sure you painted it???