Thursday, February 10, 2011


we've been home for one month and one day. In that time we have had:
  • 1 week of VBS
  • 1 national holiday
  • 1 broken arm
  • 1 trip to the hospital and 2 clinic visits for the broken arm (she got her cast off on Friday and is moving her arm around just fine so I will cancel the other appointment we were given.)
  • 1 dr. visit for Catie. she has alopecia areata
  • 1 visit to the pathology lab for blood tests for Catie
  • 1 visit to the community health centre for hearing tests for all 3 girls.
  • Beka was diagnosed with moderate hearing loss.
  • 2 visits (and 1 more tomorrow) to the doctor to work on clearing and draining Beka's ears.
  • 1 round of antibiotics for Beka.
  • 4 birthdays--Catie, Roseanne, Auntie Jennie, and Andrew
  • 2 lots of babysitting--watching Ben and Emily while Jennie had a meeting, and watching Noah and Dave Elson while Shane, Marlana and Maggie went to a meeting.
  • 1 weekend of fun with the Elsons
  • 1 playgroup
  • 1 ladies' meeting
  • 1 week of the most horrible humid weather I can ever remember.
  • 3 partial weeks of schooling.
  • 1 afternoon of swimming with HBCA
  • lots of colouring, working quietly together, watching dvds on the laptop in my room in the air conditioning.
  • lots of late night, early morning, heat, or any combination of those, crankiness.
  • trying to remember to just "go with the flow"
  • lots and lots of busy-ness that just hasn't been recorded on this blog.
I forgot to mention that we've also used up 1 jar of grape jelly and 1 bottle of hershey's chocolate syrup. I guess I'd better ration that last jar/bottle of each. =)

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Helen said...

Worn out just reading all of that Tamra!!! Take care of yourself.....