Friday, May 28, 2010


at this moment:
Nathan is crawling around under the desk and pulling up on my legs. Catie is lying on her bed reading Asterix and Obelix (they just got home from a trip to the library with Daddy) Emma is reading Asterix and Obelix on one of the lounge chairs. Beka is asleep in my bed. One pumpkin and one apple pie are sitting on the counter. There is also an empty pumpkin pie plate because we had pumpkin pie and ice cream for lunch. Nathan has about 5 scratches on his head and face. This is a combination of losing the baby nail clippers and him falling (or being dropped).

Nathan has started pulling himself up on everything he can. If only he could lower himself back down without falling. Beka decided she was going to start wearing undies at nighttime. So far this week she hasn't had an accident. YAY!! That'll save about a dollar a day. Too bad she didn't decide this before I bought a new pack of pull-ups. Now to find the receipt and return them. Catie has started reading whatever she can UNLESS it's her schoolwork. Somehow that's more fun when Mama reads it. So we're slowly working on independence in schoolwork. She can do it all if she puts her mind to it. Emma is on the verge of reading. She's so so close. She's a bit disappointed that Beka is now dry at night and she isn't. But she is a really heavy sleeper. Emma also seems to have the Risser metabolism as she eats constantly. I am glad though that she will eat pretty much anything. The girls love their vegetables (except cooked pumpkin and I don't eat that either). Nathan likes pretty much any food that we'll give him as well. Last Saturday night I made a spinach and ham quiche and he LOVED it. They all did, thankfully.

Well, I'd better finish cleaning the kitchen from all my cooking/baking today. The BBQ pork is bubbling away in the slow cooker and I think I'll make a batch of corn muffins too. We head off to the missions dinner in about 2 hours. Have a great weekend!!

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grammynurse said...

Some pie really sounds good. Makes me want to go home and make some. But I won't as I work all these nights. Maybe when I'm off next week. It's hard to have around when we are trying to lose weight. Kisses and cuddles all around.