Friday, September 11, 2009

oh my!!

So many things I've missed in the last couple of weeks.

My niece Rehanyn turned 5!!

Josh and I had our 8th wedding anniversary!!

I turned 32!!

My niece Adreyn turned 10!!

Father's Day was Sept. 6th.

My niece Ashleigh turned 8!!

Not pictured is Josh's brother Jason who also had a birthday. I think that's everything caught up now. Surely I haven't missed anything else, right?? sorry to the nieces for missing your birthdays. Although technically it is still the 10th in America so I haven't completely missed Ashleigh's.
Anyway, we're off to the doctor to get Catie checked out. Hopefully it isn't scarlet fever and hopefully we haven't passed it on to anyone else as we had ladies' fellowship meeting here the day that she first got a sore throat. =( We'll update later. TTFN!!

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