Thursday, September 17, 2009


She now knows the answer to "What happens when you stand in a wagon being pulled by your 6 year old sister and your 4 year old sister tells you not to stand in the wagon and pushes you over and you fall out of the wagon and hit your head on the laundry basket shelf?"

And it doesn't look nearly as dark in these pictures as it really is. And you can't really tell that her nose is swollen and her right (your left) eye has black under it as well.

And this is what she looked like earlier in the day when she came in the house from playing. (yes, those are tennis balls)

This child keeps life interesting!!


grammynurse said...

And "That's Emma!" Quote from Dad. Hope the swelling gets no worse - in the eye! A good job for your ice packs. Love you, Emma

Saminda said...

Hilarious last photo!!! Gotta love kids, they sure do keep things interesting. :) Hope her eye heals up quickly!

Tanya said...

I hope the swelling doesn't get worse anywhere else!!! LOL How funny!! Her face looks ouchie!!! give her hugs and kisses from us!