Thursday, May 31, 2012

potd #30

In the last two or three Tupperware parties I've been to I keep looking at this set of three bowls.  I bought two of the middle size bowls on a good deal a couple years and love them.  Then I decided last year to just get a set of two of the small bowls instead of this set of three mainly due to price.  Well, I'm always a sucker for the mystery pack so when I went to a party a couple weeks ago I had enough to buy the mystery pack and look what it was!!  the set of bowls I've been wanting!  YAY!!!  oh yeah, and a peeler and two sets of salad tongs (couldn't find the green ones for the picture) but they're just incidental.  haha

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grammynurse said...

Congratulations!! Sometimes the "mystery" stuff is just what you want. Enjoy them and do lots of cooking, mixing, whatever.