Monday, February 20, 2012

random...with photos

Just some random stuff
  • The 3 older girls have piano lessons each Friday.  I drop them off and take the younger two kids and run errands.  Last week I needed some time to myself so I asked Amy to babysit the littles.  They seemed to have fun and Amy even took photos for proof!! =)  
  • Also on Friday we had 20 solar panels installed on our roof.  Josh's favourite thing to do now is go outside and watch the power meter go backwards.  haha
  • We had no internet all weekend.  Apparently they misinterpreted an email from Josh to cancel PART of our package and cancelled our entire account with them.  We realized it Friday morning and it finally got reconnected this evening around 8:30.  
  • This means I missed sending birthday greetings to my nephew Ben and my dad.  At least Ben should have gotten a card in the mail.  Dad's is late.  It's in the mail!!  well, it will be after I get to the post office.  ha
  • We haven't been to the young married couples Bible study in several weeks.  I miss the people, I miss the study.  and I miss all the time I could have without my kids while admiring other people's little tiny baby girls.  =)  
  • My friend Nicole has been coming over once a week with her little boy.  He's so cute!!  
  • We are starting a ladies' craft evening once a month.  Tomorrow night is our first night and we are having a coffee and dessert evening.  Sounds like fun!!
  • We seem to be getting in the swing of things with our schooling.  The girls were even done by 10:30 today!!  We celebrated by going to Officeworks.  okay I celebrated by going to Officeworks they liked Nana's Pantry better.  =)
  • I finally got the 2011 Christmas ornaments done.  better late than never, right?  
  • Getting them late meant I got them on sale.  bonus!!
  • I joined Pinterest.  Serious time sucker!!!
  • My Target and Big W stores have finally gotten the idea of selling off stock at the end of season for cheap!!  YAY!!!  especially since Catie and Emma wear the same size and they and Nathan have no hand-me-downs.  
  • I have started sewing a bit too.  Should be better about making C & E clothes.  
  • After a really mild beginning and middle of summer it has decided to go out with a bang!  It is HOT!!!  But I can run a/c for free now because of my solar power, right??  haha
  • Kid update:  they are growing like weeds.  Catie--always stuck in a book, loves Literature and Creative Writing, is really enjoying using her scrapbook kit from Grandma, shares all her stuff with her sisters, is very helpful with Nathan and Naomi.  Emma--loves to play the piano, is really good at Math, is very creative, loves to write letters, and is very helpful with the littles too.  Beka--is going really well with the ABC's of ACE, loves to give things to people and will spend all her money on other people, is super giggly and crazy.  Nathan--is probably half way through the potty training process YAY!!, loves all things cars and trucks, will pick a polo or button-up shirt any day over a t-shirt but would prefer to be completely naked!  Naomi--this kid is growing like the proverbial weed, she started rolling over a couple weeks ago, she laughs and laughs at her crazy brother and sisters, she is almost ready to sit up on her own, she can sleep 7 hours or so at night and has gained almost 2.5kg (5lbs) since birth.  
  • My computer is about to run out of battery.

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Love reading your blog. :)