Monday, March 14, 2011


Roseanne has been over twice this past month and cooked with the girls. They made playdough the first time and just a couple days ago made little "hot chocolate teacup biscuits". The girls took the pictures of each other and their playdough creations. Roseanne took the pictures of the girls baking and decorating the biscuits. I was out at the grocery store and then a quick stop to pick up a coke and strawberry shake from Macca's which I shared with Josh before coming home. I love cooking days--the girls get to cook with someone far more patient than I, I get a mini break, and after the cooking we send the kids outdoors and have a cuppa and a chat.


Kay said...

could you send her here, when she's finished please! Those little cups were so cute.

grammynurse said...

Looks like the girls really enjoy their cooking lessons. Thanx for sharing the pictures. Love the cup and saucer. Looks good enough to eat!!